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​'De poëzie van de terloopse ontmoeting'afl 3: Improvisation as a creative process and as a means of communication

by Camille Verhaak, Maria Mavridou, Oh-Kyung Jang, Xenia Perek, Fenneke Voorsluis

When: Tuesday 20th of August

What: Artist talk/ performance/ improvisation

Time: 16:00 – 18:00

Where: De Huiskamer, Kalkmarkt 8 Amsterdam

  About the project

This project aims to collect diverse perspectives on improvisation, hoping to create a bridge between different mediums and collaborative works. What happens in the moment of its creation is often neglected in the dialogue of creative process, nevertheless, this is where artists can reflect on their presence. Experienced in the area of improvisation, we would like to open up a conversation on the process and experiences that takes place with improvisation. Perhaps, the unique relationship with audiences is another aspects to be discusses. In collaboration with De Huiskamer, the conversation between the space and the performers presence would offer a new insight to the creative process and the state of performers in making the work.


Wil je weten wat we organiseren? 

Camille Verhaak. I am a classically trained clarinet player who decided to study the clarinet after discovering the free improvisation scene in Amsterdam at the beginning of my Philosophy studies. In June 2015 I finished my classical studies at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag. There I worked closely with composition students and I followed masterclasses with distinctive improvisers such as Butch Morris, Agustí Fernandez, Guus Janssen, Han Bennink, Wilbert de Joode, David Kweksilber, Mary Oliver and Michael Schumacher and many more. The workshop with these last two (2009) led to the formation of the DaMu Collective, a dance-music collective which creates instant site-specific Gesammtkunstwerke, with James Hewitt and me as the current main members, now closely linked to the practice around Katie Duck.

Oh-Kyung is a performance artist and teacher based in Busan, Korea. Starting with Breakdance and hiphop as her first dance training, she studied dance at The New School (New York) under the title of “Arts in Context: Dance and Music”. Her interests in the interdisciplinary work investigate the power and potential of individual medium and the non-hierarchal communication amongst various mediums. Her site-specific works unveils the commonality of our daily perspectives and offers alternative ways to perceive the space.

Xenia aka Xenia Perek is an Amsterdam based performance artist born and raised in a rural area of central Poland. Throughout a very physical childhood spent in a tracksuit, her role model was an androgynous TV character Xena: The Warrior Princess. She creates mostly for clubs and other nocturnal events.

Maria Mavridou (GR, 1979) is a performing artist and teacher based in Amsterdam. Holds a ΒΑ in Choreography from the SNDO (School for New Dance Development), Amsterdam. Graduate from the State School of Dance in Athens with post-graduate studies at the Dance Space Centre in New York as a recipient of the Onassis Foundation scholarship. She works internationally developing solo work, collaborating with artists from the field of dance, performance, music and visual arts and offers workshops on movement research and improvisation. She is a founding member of Dangerous Mouses - a platform for movement practice, training and research in Amsterdam and Tsak Bam Festival - a contemporary arts festival on Aegina island in Greece

Fenneke Voorsluis 1981, artis, concept developer, founder of De HuiskamerI am a born admirer. I look around with curiosity, suddenly my gaze lingers, my head falls silent, I wonder what I see, play with the image, pull it away from the context and take a distance. Then I focus back on what I meet and view it as if it were the first time. I place it in a different context, research, experiment. I am guided by all the questions that arise. The result is even more wonder. I collect these moments of wonder, give them a new shape, transform them and share them.